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Mathematics Department 

The Mathematics Department cultivates students' interest in and their appreciation of Mathematics and equips them with necessary knowledge, skills and competencies to think logically, critically and analytically. The study of Mathematics helps students understand real-world phenomena and provides the foundation for many innovations and solutions. 

Learning Mathematics beyond the Classroom
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Sparking students' interest in trigonometry 

Our signature programmes include: 
  • Mathematics Olympiad training for Sec 1 to 3 students, which hones students' mathematical problem solving skills;
  • Problem-Based Learning (PBL) projects, which develop creative and critical thinking, collaborative, and problem-solving skills in Sec 2 student. Students conduct research, use technology in design exploration and collaborate to propose a solution to real-world problems; 
  • Mathematics Week, which promotes a positive attitude towards Mathematics and develops the joy of learning.

PHS Mathematics Olympiad 
PHS Mathematics Olympiad develops Secondary One students who show keen interest in and display potential in mathematical problem solving. 

Preparing students for the PHS Mathematics Olympiad

Problem-Based Learning (PBL)
PBL develops our students' creative and critical thinking, collaborative and problem-solving skills. Students work in groups to formulate goals and set learning objectives on the topic of Mensuration to solve a given real-world problem. The students conduct research online, use Microsoft Excel for the design exploration stage, and collaborate through the SLS to propose a solution to the problem.


Sec 2 Problem-Based Learning SLS Interface

Mathematics Week

Demonstrating creativity with mathematics heuristics during Mathematics Week

Our Achievements

All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition For Normal Course 2022 Awardee.jpg
Awardee of the All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course

Singapore Mathematics Olympiad Awardees.jpg
Singapore Mathematics Olympiad Awardees