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Mother Tongue Languages Department

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The Mother Tongue Languages Department seeks to nurture the love for Mother Tongue Languages and equip students to be proficient and confident communicators for the 21st century. 
Infusing E-Pedagogy in MTL Teaching and Learning
e-Pedagogy is infused into our daily teaching and learning to make MTL learning fun and engaging for our students. 


Students engaged in a Quizlet Live game to check their understanding for Chinese word application..jpg

Students engage in a Quizlet Live game to check their understanding of a Chinese word application


Students make use of Purple Culture, Quizlet and Blooket as self-directed learning tools before and after their CL lessons


Students collaborate with each other using Classpoint, Padlet and SLS (Interactive Thinking Tool).

Our Programmes

Extensive Reading Programme
The Extensive Reading Programme cultivates the habit of reading in students by exposing them to various genres of writing as well as providing a platform for students to formulate opinions and engage in discussions on contemporary issues. Every Friday, students read interesting materials in their mother tongue languages. 

Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) Fortnight
MTL Fortnight creates an immersive environment for the learning and appreciation of mother tongue languages and cultures. Students gain better insights into the culture and traditions of the Chinese and Malay communities through activities like Chinese opera face mask painting, Chinese fan painting and Malay kite (wau) making.

Cultural Programme Exposure Scheme (CPES) 文化随意门
CPES is offered to our students to deepen their interest in the Chinese Language. Students are given the opportunity to appreciate drama performance online and interact with the actors.   

External Compeitions 校外比赛
Our students participate in national competitions under the guidance of our teachers to gain exposure to language learning.

5th Text Recital Competition for Primary and Secondary Schools

“Creativity, No Boundaries!” National Children’s Story Writing Competition

Chaa Selena of 3 Faith received the Outstanding Award

National Chinese Riddle Competition 2022