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The Presbyterian High School Dance Society has dancers that have a very strong sense of dedication and commitment. Through practices, members hone their skills, built friendships, strengthened bonds and enjoy a common shared experience.

The dancers were exposed to many opportunities for them to enrich their dance experience in 2017.

Here is a reflection from one of the dancers:

“We had many opportunities to perform in public, one of which was the SYF Celebrations. It was a nice change for us to perform a Hip Hop item instead of our routine modern dance. I found that being able to personally choreograph the item brought us a bigger sense of achievement as it was our own ideas that had transformed into an impressive dance item. Furthermore, we forged stronger bonds with one another through this process since we had to meet for practice outside the usual CCA schedule. I am extremely glad I had this opportunity in my final year as a dance society member, and I believe that our juniors will continue in our footsteps” 
- Tasha Sun 4H2

“Dance Talent Development Programme was an eye-opening experience. I was blessed with the opportunity to experience various dance genres that I would never have explored on my own. It was a privilege to work with ‘O’ School and discover more about Hip Hop, while enjoying the camaraderie with my dance mates (whom I’m still in contact till this day). They are the reason why I genuinely enjoyed myself during the mere 2- month programme.

I often had little time for homework and even meals as I had to rush for training straight after school. Hence, I was frequently exhausted and started to dread and abhor the vigorous training that I was put through. Yet, not once did I think of giving up because I knew the importance of seizing every opportunity that I had to grow even stronger physically and mentally. This quality of resilience which the school emphasises is what I consider a “must-have” value as a student.

During the last phase of the programme, I had to self-choreograph a dance piece with dancers who specialised in different genres. In the process, all of us discovered even more about the versatility of dance through incorporating varied dance steps into one dance piece. The beauty of dance blending together so well was exhibited in our self-choreographed pieces, which were much appreciated by our teachers as well as the audience during our performance.

I am thankful for this rare learning opportunity. Participating in Dance has taught me to manage my time well and to persevere against all odds.” 
- Feliza Ng 4D