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Pond Study
All Secondary 1 classes participated in an outdoor study of the aquatic organisms of the pond community at the Science Centre. Students learnt basic field work techniques and enjoyed collecting samples directly from the pond. They were also provided the opportunity to conduct microscopic observations of their collections and to identify the organisms. Through this session, they understood the importance of the pond community and its organisms. 
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18th Elementz Science Research Conference (for Upper Sec), 16th Elementz Science Research Conference (for Lower Sec)
Three teams of lower secondary students and two teams of upper secondary students took part in the Elementz Science Research Conference organised by Anderson Junior College. All the teams worked conscientiously on their research topics and presented their findings confidently to a panel of judges. Through the project, the teams learnt important scientific investigation techniques. The Upper Secondary team comprising of five Sec 3 students was awarded Silver for their project.
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Scientific Thinking Programme
Since 2008 Presbyterian High School had collaborated with Republic Polytechnic in the Scientific Thinking Programme (STP) for the Lower Secondary students. The collaboration provided a platform for lower secondary students to conduct scientific investigations and to practice scientific thinking skills. Two teams of Secondary Two were mentored by the polytechnic’s academic staff. 
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Science Learning Journeys for Upper Secondary

Chemistry Workshop organised by NUS High School
A team of Secondary Three students who attended a Chemistry Workshop organised by NUS High School were thrilled by the experience of using precision instruments. They learnt new Chemistry concepts and ideas.
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Two teams of Secondary Four boys from 4 Devotion participated in the EUREKA 2017 Event organized by Raffles Institution. The students went around the stations solving puzzles related to Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science and Mathematics. It was a rich learning experience and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 
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Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) 
6 Secondary Four girls, participated in the Expanding your Horizons (EYH) Conference held at CHIJ St. Nicholas’ Girls School. They participated in the EYH Challenge conducted in the form of an ‘amazing race’ and solved mini challenges which required them to tap on their scientific knowledge. It was then followed by an interactive and exciting Physics demonstration session by Professor Sow Chorng Haur, Head of Department of Physics in National University of Singapore (NUS). 
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Professional Development
Our staff also took the opportunity to widen their pedagogies. Four teachers participated in a research initiative in collaboration with AST. The initiative was aimed at developing an integrated approach for the teaching of Kinetic Theory of Matter across different subject domains. The teachers worked together with research staff from AST in crafting topic-specific lessons. The lessons enabled students to have a deeper conceptual understanding. 

A team of Chemistry teachers, conducted a Chemistry workshop on Chemistry Misconception Demystified and V-I Approach to Qualitative Analysis at AST in April 2017. The team was headed by Senior Chemistry teacher, Mr Clement Yew. Participants who signed up for the hands-on workshop identified the student common misconceptions. A consolidation of the workshop was shared with the teaching fraternity – to enhance the accuracy of student learning.
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Secondary One Normal Technical Project Based Learning
Our Secondary One Normal Technical students got to design their own solar cars and competed with their classmates in a solar car competition, seeing whose car travelled the furthest. In addition, the students also got to craft their own crossword puzzles on the topic “Digestion” and had their peers to work on the crossword puzzles. Through the hands-on activities, the students showed greater interest and passion for learning Science and students had better retention of their lessons.
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Staff ViA
The Science department teachers collaborated with an organisation called Food from the Heart (FFTH) for our staff ViA Project. The teachers helped to pack and sort the food items and daily necessities donated to the FFTH, meant for the needy. 

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