Brenna Quah, 4D

Do not procrastinate!” This is the advice Brenna Quah gives to her PHS juniors.

While preparing for her ‘O’ levels examinations, Brenna drew up a time-table and followed it religiously. In this way, she was able to balance the demands of various subjects and Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) which is Audio Engineering.

A disciplined individual, Brenna began her revision early, right at the start of the year. She did not believe in cramming or doing last-minute revision. She would also always try to submit her homework on time. Brenna also ensured that she had sufficient sleep so that she would not doze off during important lessons.

Brenna’s hard work had paid off.  She had done well. However, she is not resting on her laurels. Her plans are to achieve good grades for her ‘A’ levels examination next year in order to pursue medical studies in the university with a scholarship.

Looking back, the journey hadn’t been an easy one for Brenna. She had to deal with family problems while coping with her studies. And thus she is thankful to her mum and aunts for cheering her on 24/7.

Brenna is also grateful to her form and subject teachers who stayed back after school hours to help her in her studies. In addition, she is thankful to the CCA teachers, Ms Goh and Mr Woo for their guidance and giving her the opportunities to pick up leadership skills. Finally, she is thankful that her classmates were always there to help her when she needed help.