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Sec 2 Adventure Camp

Secondary 2 Adventure Camp

The Secondary Two Adventure Camp at MOE Adventure Campsite was a hit as there were many interesting activities planned and those activities helped students to overcome their fear and develop their potential as leaders.

Facilitated by the school sports leaders and camp instructors, students participated in activities such as Abseiling, Rock Climbing, Flying Fox, Caving, Kayaking and High Elements. Caving was also an activity that many students looked forward to as it was a new activity that was introduced to them and indeed an exciting one from which many of them were beaming with pride upon completing it.

“The activities were fun. The flying fox was my favourite because I got to feel the wind and I am looking forward to do it again,” said Faith Lian from 2 Faith.

“I managed to conquer my fear for heights through the high elements and I also learnt to help my team mates when they needed help,” added on Brandon Boo from 2 Endurance.

The campfire was a wrap up to the adventure camp in which the students had much fun and laughter with their facilitators, sports leaders and teachers.

It was amazing that the camp allowed many participants of the camp to muster the courage to overcome their fear for heights and even the dark.