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Mission, Vision & Values

School Vision

PHS honours GOD in mentoring
  • Promise – Keepers
  • Hope – Builders
  • Servant – Leaders

to bless their world always.

School Mission

To inculcate Christian values in every individual and develop his potential as a total person worthy of God and man.


The Burning Bush is a symbol of the community of Christians in Presbyterian Churches all over the world. In the Book of Exodus in the Bible, we are told that Moses discovered just such a bush in a very deserted place. It stopped Moses in his track – so amazing it was.

God was showing something of His Holiness, greatness and power to Moses, and was calling him to live for God, doing what He says.

Therefore when we see this symbol on our flag, we should DRAW NEAR to God with wonder and praise. And when we draw near to God we should, like Moses, LISTEN WISELY to what God says. Having learned what God say to us, we should DO WELL what HE demands.

If then GOD shows Himself and His way to us, He will surely make us A FLAME FOR TRUTH.
Rev John Hanna

School Core Values

Core ValueBehavioural Statement
Fairness• Treat others equally
• Make unbiased objective judgment
Integrity• Be truthful and honest
• Be able to uphold one’s principles at all times 
Teamwork • Cooperate with others towards a common goal
• Exchange ideas effectively 
 Trust• Believe in oneself and others
• Have an assured reliance, faith and hope in others
Steadfastness • Believe you can do it
• Be determined and unwavering
Humility• Be willing to learn regardless of one’s achievement
• Accept and serve others
Valuing Individual• Understand and respect that everyone is unique and talented
• Recognise and reward individuals for contribution
Prudence• Think carefully before an action
• Exercise responsible decision making