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Student Council

The Student Council is a student-led organisation that aims to nurture Servant Leaders. We believe in serving the school with dedication and partnering with various school stakeholders for the well-being of the school.

Our organisation is made up of Student Councillors from the Lower and Upper Secondary levels, led by a team of Executive Committee Members and Senior Councillors. The team works closely to ensure that Student Councillors are good role models for their peers.

From day to day duties to large scale events, our Student Councillors put in great effort in planning and execution of their roles and responsibilities to enable success. The Student Council is actively involved in school events and camps such as the Sec 1 Orientation Camp and the Sec 2 Adventure Camp. In addition, the Student Council partners Chaoyang School to hold a camp for Chaoyang School Student Leaders to develop their leadership skills and to build confidence in them. These activities give good exposure and opportunities for the Student Councillors to develop their leadership skills and to understand what it means to be a Servant Leader.

The Student Council continues to strive to be an excellent organisation of students who are determined to be exemplary Servant Leaders.

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