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“Thinkers with a Heart, Advocating For A World of Positive Change”

The PHS Humanities Department imagines a world where the Humanities subjects empower our youths to champion for positive changes in the world. With this philosophy guiding the teachers, the Humanities classroom becomes a creative and meaningful space for students as they investigate real-world issues that allow them to develop a sense of empathy and appreciation for the world around us. We carry out authentic learning tasks that seek to ignite passion and build confidence in each and every Humanities learner.

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Humanities in the Everyday Classroom

No longer is the Humanities education about memorisation of facts and content. 
Instead, it revolves around understanding societal problems and world issues. 


Signature Programme – The Humanities Immersion Programme (HIP)

The HIP students are a group of passionate 15 to 16-year-olds who have come together to delve deeper into issues on the three pillars of sustainability: social, environmental and economic. These include the erosion of Singapore’s cultural heritage, land use, fast fashion, inclusivity of people with disabilities and climate change. Students dream of advocating for positive changes and making a difference to the society. 

HIP Camp 2022
Using their knowledge from the composting workshop, the HIP participants organised a kokedama-making workshop for students of ASPN Chaoyang School during our joint National Day celebrations. 

“I learnt that a sustainable lifestyle can be easily attained by integrating a few good habits into our daily lives. Before participating in the HIP camp, I felt like I had no way to contribute to sustainability as an individual. However, after the camp, I felt more hopeful about my own ability to contribute to sustainability.”
 - Law En Yu, participant of HIP camp 2022

Learning Beyond the Classroom 

Students embark on extended learning opportunities like learning journeys, fieldtrips, competitions and national seminars to build their confidence and hone their reflective and independent thinking skills. 

External Competitions and Conferences 
Every year, Humanities students are given the opportunity to take part in national competitions and conferences, during which students learn from other secondary school students. This learning experience is invaluable. 

Some platforms include: 
National Youth Environment Conference 
ASEAN Symposium 
MOE History Challenge 
NUS Geography Challenge 
The Sustainable Singapore Gallery “Speak Up, Voice Out 2022” – Letters to Our Planet 

Eileen Teng from 4 Grace and Chloe  Choo from 4 Faith won Best Positon Paper in the NYEC Conference 2022..jpg
Eileen Teng from 4 Grace and Chloe Choo from 4 Faith won Best Position Paper on the theme of “Sustainable Living” in the National Youth Environment Conference 2022. 

“The overall experience was quite interesting and I learnt more about climate change as well as how other countries are managing it better than from lessons itself. The committee sessions were in truth, quite stressful, as we had to debate with others and prove how feasible our solutions were. Nonetheless, I’m glad to have joined it. It broadened my horizon as I watched in awe at others who were able to debate very well.” - Shun Le Hnin, participant of NYEC 2022

ASEAN Symposium 
In the ASEAN Symposium 2022, our students presented their paper on the prevalence of slums in ASEAN and shared their groups’ recommendations on tackling the issue of slums in countries like the Philippines and Thailand.

“I am glad I was given this opportunity to learn about our country’s needs, and how we, as a nation, can stay united with other countries as our partners.” – Georgina Koh Yu Xin, Participant of ASEAN Symposium 2022

NUS Geography Challenge 
NUS Geography Challenge.jpg
NUS Geography Challenge 2022 - Team PHS won the 2nd place in the Preliminary Round Team Component and went on to the semi-finals where they competed in a Geo-Trail around Singapore against 29 other schools.   

Eileen Teng from 4 Grace won the Top Performing Student - Silver Medal and was shortlisted to join the MOE's Geography Talent Development Programme during the Preliminary round (Individual Component). Tristan Chiew from 4 Faith won the Top Performing Student - Bronze Medal.

Geography Learning Journey – Field Trip to Citiponics Urban Vertical Farm @ AMK