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The PHS Humanities programme seeks to inculcate knowledge, skills and values that would develop global citizens for the future. To create an experiential and values-driven education and authentic education experience, fieldwork in the form of historical and geographical investigations, remains an integral part of the Humanities.

All Geography students undergo at least a geographical investigation (GI) a year. Each GI involves students studying geography outside the classroom – observing, questioning, planning, collecting, recording, evaluating, representing, analysing, concluding, communicating, reflecting and responding. This year, fieldwork offers the students a first-hand experience of conducting fieldwork at Kallang River, Ang Mo Kio Hub and three of the tourist attractions in Singapore.

In the bid to enrich our students’ learning of the humanities and cultivate in them a deeper understanding of Singapore’s history, all Secondary One students learnt about pre-colonial Singapore as well as the significant role played by the immigrants in developing early Singapore. This experience helped to raise students’ awareness of their historical heritage and develop in them a sense of rootedness to Singapore.

This year, a team of three Sec 3 Geography students participated in the highly competitive Geography Challenge organised by the National University of Singapore where students applied geographical skills such as analysing spatial scales, data collection, mapping, and fieldwork techniques and concepts to real-life settings beyond the classroom. The team did the school proud when they were declared the top performing team at the preliminary round! Through the experience, the students explored Singapore’s waterscapes. As they devised creative suggestions for the future development of these waterscapes, they learnt to appreciate the relevance of Geography in the world around them.

During the September Holidays, four students from Secondary 2Compassion represented the school in the annual Historical Scene Investigation Challenge organised by the National Library Board. It was an enriching experience as the students learnt tips on how to conduct better research before pitting their analytical skills against their peers from other schools in solving the mystery about the history of films in Singapore. The participants and teachers were also treated to an exhibition titled “Tales of the Malay World”, which showcased the development of Malay tales and stories from manuscripts, books, to movies.

To sustain our collaboration with Food Bank, Singapore, department staff served as volunteers in sorting, packing and inventorizing donated food item.