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Lifeskills and Enterprise

The Life Skills and Enterprise Department provides a holistic development of the students through Art, Design and Technology (D&T), Economics, Nutrition and Food Studies (NFS) and Principles of Accounts (POA). 

The department endeavours to inculcate life skills, knowledge and attitudes in our students to be future-ready. With the emphasis on creative thinking, analytical skills, informed decision-making and communication skills, the department explores avenues for the students to hone these skills through projects, learning journeys and activities organised internally and by external institutions.

Gestural Painting at Lasalle College of the Arts.jpg
Gestural Painting at Lasalle College of the Arts
Project-Based Learning…realising the design.jpg
Project-Based Learning…realising the design
Exploring 3-D printing technology.jpg
Exploring 3-D printing technology
Reinforcing learning of POA.png
Reinforcing learning of POA through games
Honing culinary skills.jpg
Honing culinary skills
Class presentation.png
Class presentation
Evaluating the dish.jpg
Evaluating the dish