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Mother Tongue

It was an exciting year for the Mother Tongue Languages Department as our students were engaged in a variety of platforms in order to deepen their appreciation for the traditions, values, history and culture of their Mother Tongue Languages (MTL).

The Mother Tongue Department took charge of the Chinese New Year concert held on 27 January 2017. Students decorated their classrooms and enjoyed the drama, songs and dance performances of their peers and teachers.

The department organised the annual the MTL Fortnight in February. Chinese Language students participated in a variety of activities. The secondary one students went for a tea appreciation workshop and learnt about the intricacies of the tea ceremony. These students had the opportunity to have a hands-on experience on pouring tea in the traditional manner. The secondary two students were exposed to the richness of Chinese Opera and had a fun time learning how to swirl the sleeves of the traditional opera costumes to express different emotions. They also whipped imaginary horses, a signature move prevalent in Chinese Opera, using the props provided. Secondary three students on the other hand, learnt to compose Chinese contemporary songs. The Malay Language students enjoyed playing different games at stations manned by their seniors in an event known as the ‘Glamazing Race’. These games included ‘Chapteh’, ‘Taboo’, ‘Tongue Twister’ puzzles and Sirih Dara.

In addition, a group of secondary two students had the chance to experience the Chinese culture when they went on a learning journey to Wuxi, China. They learnt Mandarin in an immersive environment during their stay and attended lessons at the Chang’An Middle School. As part of the cultural trip, they visited factories and places of interest in the Jiangsu Province and Shanghai. The trip has allowed our students to better appreciate the blend of old and new China and have a glimpse of the rapid social and economic changes in China today.

The department is especially proud of the achievements of our students. Kudos to our secondary four students Jeremy Sng, Clara Teo, Carol Chia and Li Rong Sheng! They have won the Silver Award at the Create-Your-Newspaper Contest that was co-organised by Singapore Press Holdings, Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning and Xinmin Secondary School. These students have done our school proud.