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Physical Education Department 

The Physical Education Department seeks to develop students’ knowledge, skills and values in physical activities in order to enable students to lead a healt
hy lifestyle. The department also places emphasis on developing values through sports. 

The Four Pillars of Physical Education 

PE3.png1. Fitness Education 
Fitness Education focuses on developing students' aerobic and anaerobic fitness, as well as their health and performance fitness.


2. Health Education 
Health Education teaches the effects of exercise in the short term and long term, body composition and nutrition.

3. Outdoor Education
Outdoor Education consists of the teaching of camp craft, orienteering and risk management.


4. Sports Education

Sports Education consists of the teaching of sports modules in basketball, volleyball, badminton, football, softball, table-tennis, handball and floorball.

encouraging teamwork and developing game concepts


Our assessment tools include: 

  • Fitness assessment includes NAPFA and selected fitness components
  • Sports assessment: theory and practical tests
  • PE Theory Test

Enrichment Programmes 

To increase the ruggedness and tenacity of students, we conduct camps and work with external partners to facilitate sporting excellence. 

Our key programmes include: 
  • Secondary One Adventure Camp
  • Outward Bound School Singapore
  • Jogathon
  • Sports Fiesta 
  • Sports Education Programme