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We inculcate in students the spirit of scientific inquiry and the quest to innovate and generate creative solutions to solve real-world problems. Learning experiences are provided for students to strengthen their conceptual understanding, integrate practice with theory and facilitate interdisciplinary connections across the Sciences. We believe that, when our students acquire a strong foundation in Science, they will be equipped to pursue STEM-related endeavors in future.

Secondary One students use scientific inquiry skills to apply to real life situations. 

Infusing e-Pedagogy into Science lessons to make learning come alive

Authentic learning using the PLD: flower parts and pollination

Participation and Achievements

Annually, our students participate in external competitions, which serve to stretch their potential academically. 

The key competitions include: 
  • Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad
  • Youth STEM Empowerment Programme (YSEP)

In 2022, Gu Zhaoyuan of 4 Endurance was awarded Merit at the Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad.