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The Student Council 

The Student Council aims to groom student leaders with a heart of service to serve the school. From day to day duties to large scale events, the councillors have put in great effort to ensure the success of the activities.

The councillors planned and executed the PHS-Chaoyang School Leadership Camp on 3, 7 and 8 April. The councillors spent many hours planning for the camp with the sole intent of wanting the students from Chaoyang School to have an enriching experience. The councillors also spent time prior  to the camp with the students from Chaoyang School in order to get to know  them better. During the two day one night camp, numerous activities focusing on teambuilding and leadership skills were conducted. The councillors took care of the Chaoyang School students and enabled them to have fun while learning.  

The 16th Student Council Executive Committee (EXCO) was installed on 21 April. Parents and guests from other schools witnessed the renewal of leadership at the investiture. A new role has been created to allow for the appointment of Senior Councillors to better look into the needs of the Student Council. The expanded nature of the leadership structure in the Student Council will help build up the capacity of the Student Council.

In our external engagements, the councillors had the opportunity to visit other schools and attend various investitures. Our close collaboration with Chaoyang School has also given the student councillors an opportunity to serve the community and in turn build their character. Students from Chaoyang School were invited to our National Day celebration and the student councillors acted as chaperons. In addition, the Student Council also assisted Chaoyang School in their move to the new campus.

The Student Council will continue to groom students to be leaders with a heart of service and individuals who are exemplary in behaviour.