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Chinese Orchestra

The Presbyterian High School Chinese Orchestra has flourished in the last 16 years,providing platforms for its members to develop and discover their musical talents. Under the baton of Mr Han Lei and the guidance of Mr Wang Fangliang, Mr Wei Yanming, Madam Koh Kim Wah, Madam Ann Hong Mui and Mr Edmund See, the Chinese Orchestra has made tremendous progress.

2017 was a busy year for the Chinese Orchestra. The Chinese Orchestra was awarded the Certificate of Achievement at the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation 2017. Our students also widened their musical horizons by attending a special Concert-In- Progress workshop by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra. At this workshop, our students learned more about the inspiration and spirit behind their SYF piece, “Flame”. This allowed our students to have a deeper appreciation for the piece to convey the emotions underpinning the song.