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2017 is a special year for the Football CCA. For the first time, the CCA brought in football talents from all three streams as their first CCAs. This year, we have also increased our quota intake and allowed more players to join.

As always, our trainings involved many aspects of the game. We built on each of our player’s ability and strengthen their individual and team skills. Trainings are conducted on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Our boys took part in two competitions this year. In April, we sent two teams to compete in the NSSL Street Soccer League 2017 (Lee Hsien Loong Challenge Trophy). We sent a U14 and U17 team, comprising of lower secondary and upper secondary students respectively. The players in the U14 team had a good exposure in the competition and tried their best, but they were eliminated in the Preliminary Rounds. The U17 team did well to advance to the Grand Finals where they displayed cohesive teamwork and individual skills. However, there were lapses of concentration. Even though they did not win, they have shown vast improvement from their last game. Every player’s contribution was admirable.

The lower secondary team was also invited to participate in the Yishun Invitational Football Carnival. This tournament was a good platform for the boys to play as a team against schools in the North Zone Cluster. The boys played their guts out and had an enjoyable tournament. With more similar exposure, we hope they can progress as a team and improve further.

In conjunction with Teachers’ Day celebrations, the Football CCA was also involved in organising the PHS Street Soccer Tournament where teachers and students collaborated as a team to pit their skills against other teams. It was a fun event where teachers and students bonded together over a game of football.