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National Cadet Corps (NCC) Sea

Presbyterian High School’s National Cadet Corps (NCC) Unit has worked hard to train our cadets and sustain the standards of a Gold award for the Best Unit Competition. The commitment and dedication shown by the cadets have made it possible for us to sustain a Gold award for twelve years consecutively.

This year, our cadets showcased their talents in competitions such as Freestyle Drills Competition, Kayaking Competition and in particular the National inter-schools Dragon Boat Competition. This was jointly organised by NCC HQ and Singapore Dragon Boat Association (SDBA). The team went on to compete in the finals for the NCC Category in the National Schools Competition held at the Marina Bay area. It was truly a remarkable experience to be part of a national event. The unit also participated in the high endurance Annual Kayaking Expedition that required the cadets to kayak from Sembawang to Pasir Ris and back, over a course of three days. Being able to complete the expedition was a defining moment for our cadets who have trained hard for the expedition. It truly allowed the cadets to display their resilience and perseverance. 

With the unwavering support and guidance from the teacher officers and cadet officers, PHS NCC (Sea) is able to provide cadets with a myriad of programmes to help them develop leadership and organisational skills. We aspire to scale greater heights by giving cadets the opportunity to plan programmes, structure training sessions and conduct post-action reviews. These skills will certainly allow them to become better citizens of the future. We also hope that these skills will also build their capacity to take on challenges in the future.