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Audio Engineering

PHS Audio Engineering (AE) Club comprises a group of enthusiastic students who serve the school diligently in supporting various events and programmes held throughout the year. The ‘PA Crew’ plays a large role in the success of numerous stage performances due to their hard work behind the scenes.

The colossal progress made by the AE crew members in 2017 would not have been possible, if not for the continuous encouragement and support of the Secondary Four and Five seniors, namely Eu Xinyi, Woo Huimin, Damien Chew (4 Compassion), Yeo Meng Yao, Tin Qinda (4 Humility), Casey Ee (4 Blessing) and Teo Hui Yan (5 Blessing). They showed how much they cared for the CCA by always pushing their fellow juniors to continue the standard and legacy set by their alumni.

A dedicated team of secondary three students stepped up to take on the challenge of managing the club soon after their seniors stepped down. It was a trying journey as they planned training sessions and imparted new knowledge to the secondary one and two juniors. Despite this, the spirit of teamwork and unity among the members motivated them to strive for excellence.

The Club continues to support events outside school annually. In so doing, members of the club gain first-hand experience running a public event whilst having fun.

It is our hope that by constantly upgrading our facilities and equipment, members of the club will get to acquire new skills to raise their level of competency. In 2018, the AE club hopes to take on new challenges to raise the bar on professionalism and further develop sound expertise.