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Media Resource Library

This year, student librarians took part in various activities outside their routine duties. Some of these are:

Traditional Food Display
For the Lunar New Year, student librarians showcased a traditional food display in the library to increase understanding of the Chinese food culture.

National Library Quiz
On 17 March, five student librarians took part in the ‘Prove It’ Quiz organised by the National Library Board. It was a meaningful experience for them as they learned individual responsibility when sourcing for information online.

International Friendship Day
The librarians put up a book display on ASEAN and the theme of friendship. Librarians also enjoyed teaching their fellow school mates how to make friendship bands. The Library Club also collaborated with the National Education Committee in this activity.

Book Fair
As in previous years, the student librarians organised a book fair. Used books in good condition were sold for a token sum. We were glad that many students came to browse and purchase the books.