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PHMedia is a CCA that focuses on the use of multimedia to convey information. We have 3 modules of training that span over 3 years. The modules are photography, videography and animation. Over the course of 3 years, PHMedia students would learn these three important aspects of media. In the fourth year, the senior students would assume the role of mentors and project managers. They would head teams comprising sec 1, 2 and 3 members. These individual teams would put together multimedia presentations that would highlight the significant events of the school.

As such PHMedia is a service-oriented CCA that seeks to document and archive its significant events.

Being in such teams, PHMedia students would enjoy the collaborative endeavour of sharing knowledge and experience.

A conscious effort is made to draw parallels between the existing school syllabus and the multimedia presentation that is put together. As a result the secondary 4 students are given a short course in journalism so that they can use their skills to assess the work of their teams.

Greater focus is placed on character development. Hence, a greater emphasis is placed on Values-in-Action (ViA) projects. As a result, the structure of the CCA is one that lends itself to collaboration and sharing.

PHMedia looks towards external competitions in order to achieve an alternative perspective on the quality of the work they produce.

To round out the CCA, external learning journeys to Nanyang Polytechnic is also carried out.

There is a robust curriculum within PHMedia.