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The PHS Choir has established itself as a pivotal Performing Arts group in Presbyterian High School with its track record of offering its members a comprehensive programme that promotes the holistic development of its members. Besides equipping its members with the technical skills of singing and developing their sense of musicality, the Choir also provides its members with a unique and valuable opportunity to experience the intricacies of working with a group of fellow musicians.

2017 marks an exciting year for the Choir. In addition to participating in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation in which the Choir achieved a Certificate of Accomplishment, as well as performing in various school-based performances, the Choir also took part in the Yio Chu Kang Constituency National Day Celebrations and the combined-schools choral concert organised by our Choral Instructor, Mr Wong Yang Kai, at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre. Besides the invaluable opportunity of working alongside choristers from the various schools, the experience also provided our members with the chance to share their love of singing with their loved ones and friends whose unstinting support over the years has been instrumental to the success of the Choir.