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The PHS Dance Society is a CCA that strives to develop dancers of strong values and character. The dancers have a strong sense of dedication and commitment. Through dance, the dancers are empowered to express their emotions and stories. The dancers also learn to build great teamwork and mutual respect among each other. 


The dancers have actively participated in many school events such as Chinese New Year celebrations, Thanksgiving concerts and Teacher’s Day performances, offering the audience an unforgettable and beautiful experience.


They have also represented the school to participate in public performances that allowed them to improve their dance techniques.  They learnt to experiment with different styles of dance and most importantly, develop confidence on stage. 


The dancers had also collaborated with Chaoyang School to put up an item for An Extra•Ordinary Celebration to celebrate talents in Singapore's largest inclusive concert in 2019.  This helped the dancers to learn to work with others and understand others better. 


The dance group is led by a talented and committed instructor, Miss Dorisa, whom had immensely stretched the dancers to their fullest potential. Under her guidance, the PHS Dance Society received a Certificate of Distinction at the 2019 Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Central Judging.


Dance Society has given me many opportunities to perform in public, such as the SYF Extravaganza Performance. I was the captain of my team, and I had dancers that had different strengths in different genres of dance. We each have different ideas, had a few conflicts but eventually, we came up with a choreography to represent us as a team.  It was a very fulfilling moment for me as I was proud of how far my team had come, and to be able to perform a personal choreography with them means a lot to me. The seniors have also guided and assisted me in leading the team, which I am very thankful for, and hopefully, our juniors and juniors-to-come will follow in our footsteps.                                                      

– Jeuel 3 Devotion


It was most of our first time taking part in SYF which made us clueless of what to expect. The past few months of hard work made us learnt so many things, like teamwork, new steps and choreography, perseverance and technique. After showcasing our SYF item, we were all so relieved and happy, knowing that we all tried our best and we obtained a Distinction! We all felt so elated and proud but this could not have happened without Miss  Dorisa who trained us so well and gave so much of her time and effort together with the teachers in charge. 

- Tina 3 Grace


We are given a lot of opportunities to perform in school events such as Chinese New Year, Thanksgiving, Teacher’s day performance.  These opportunity allowed dancers to self- choreography.  Through the years, I have learnt that there are many other styles of dance and we have to be daring to explore them.  We are happy to have opportunities to tell stories through Dance.                                                             

 - Tristal 3 Humility