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Since our inception in 2005, the PhDrama Club has been striving for excellence in whatever we do. 2016 has been an eventful year for the PhDrama Club. It was the first time the club participated in the prestigious Human Values Drama Festival (HVDF) competition where we were nominated in two out of three award categories, namely the Best Actor and Best Script category. At the end of the festival, we were awarded the best actor category. This was indeed a milestone achievement for the club as it was the first time with four Secondary One students as the lead actors of the play.

Apart from our involvement in the Human Values Drama Festival (HVDF) competition, we were also involved in putting up various performances for other school events. The club offers a variety of opportunities for students to gain experience, build their confidence and improve themselves in many areas. From our exciting and fun weekly training sessions to our exchange programmes with drama clubs from other schools and exciting workshops, our members have indeed gained a vast amount of knowledge and skills on designing props, writing scripts and acting.

The possibilities are indeed endless, here at the PhDrama Club! We are spurred to work even harder to soar to greater heights!

"Drama Club provides a platform for building strong bonds and friendship, as well as inculcating values such as perseverance and respect. Our members learn a wide range of skills, taking on roles off and on stage. We get to experience acting, and working as members of the backstage crew. In 2017, Drama Club participated in the Singapore Youth Festival and attained a Certificate of Accomplishment. The members worked diligently every session, training with our instructor to improve our performance. As we hone our skills in acting, we create memories and forge stronger ties with one another in one big family."
Lai Jing Xuan
President of PHDrama Club