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2017 has been an eventful year for the school’s basketball team. Firstly, we are happy to have our new assistant coach, Coach Eric joining the basketball family.

Led by captain Dillion Yap of Secondary 5 Blessing, our ‘B’ Division boys took part in the North Zone Inter-schools ‘B’ Division Championships and emerged as the champions. The team lived up to the school’s expectations and attained the 2nd runner-up title in the Nationals Inter-schools ‘B’ Division Championships.

The players were given a lot of opportunities to participate in matches so as to build up teamwork and gain court experience. Our ‘B’ division boys took part in the ActiveSG-Bas ‘B’ Division Basketball Developmental League and Milo Junior Boys U15 Basketball Championship and they attained the first and the third positions respectively. They demonstrated strong fighting spirit and great team work on court and that allowed them to work towards the common goal.

The basketball girls have also done the school proud for attaining the 2nd runner-up in both the ActiveSG-Bas ‘B’ Division Basketball Developmental League and 2nd-Tier North Zone 'B' Division Basketball League. The strong commitment shown by the girls and the hard work put in during the training sessions had indeed paid off.

The basketball team has started training for the 2018 games and we hope to do the school proud again in the coming year.