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Badminton (Boys Only)

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The PHS Badminton Team develops players who are committed to improving their skills and character. The players train hard every week to develop their speed, flexibility and strategic thinking, and this, in turn, allows them to play competitive and friendly matches between themselves or with other schools. In 2022, the Badminton B and C Div Boys’ Teams participated in the National School Games and displayed sportsmanship and an impressively positive attitude in overcoming challenges. The experiences that they share, the skills that they hone, and the camaraderie that they forge will always remain firmly etched in their hearts and minds even after graduation.

"Apart from learning to play strategically, we learnt life skills from our coach and our badminton teachers, and we will strive to apply these in our daily lives. I strongly believe that our team has done an excellent work and will continue to strive for excellence in all that we do." - Siew Ze Kai, Vice-Captain of the B Div Boys' Team