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The PHS Basketball Team is made up of players who are passionate about playing basketball and are committed to weekly training sessions. Players hone their basketball skills, such as ball handling and shooting techniques, and develop teamwork, good communication, discipline and perseverance. Each year, players look forward to compete in friendly matches with other schools, both locally and overseas, and at the National School Games. 
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“The court is like my second home as life-long friendships are formed. In training sessions, even with the most vigorous drills (occasionally paired with some tiger balm patches on our arms and legs), I was able to push through with a smile thanks to my beloved teammates.” - Sasha Anand

“My experience in Basketball has been meaningful. Although COVID-19 has brought about many disruptions to the training sessions, we encouraged and supported one another along the way.” - Jonathan Cheok

“Being in the Basketball Team has taught me responsibility, perseverance, and the importance of having a growth mindset. To my teammates and anybody who wishes to join Basketball, never give up and to always do your best, regardless of the circumstances.” - Elijah Chionh