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Football (Boys Only)

The Football CCA programme seeks to provide players with a holistic experience of training, service learning and character building. The weekly CCA sessions develop the players' ball skills and teamwork, and improve their individual fitness. Players also get the opportunity to compete in the National School Games.

Football B Boys.jpeg
Warming up before the National School Games

Mastering football techniques is possible with some determination and passion.

“As the Captain of the team, I have learnt the importance of playing my role well. Captains need more than just good ball-handling skills; they also need to have chemistry with their teammates. I’ve enjoyed the CCA, knowing that I have my friends by my side.” - Huang Siheng

“I have learnt how to work as a team. In a team sports, I need to know how to communicate with my teammates so that I can score a goal. I have also learnt to be resilient and think like a winner instead of giving up prematurely.” - Joel Poli

“I have learnt the importance of teamwork. A football match is played with 11 players, not one. No matter how good one is in football, he needs to work together with his teammates in order to win a game.” - Alfred Wong Wei Lun