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Table Tennis

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The players of the PHS Table Tennis Team are passionate about the sport and seek continual improvement. They go the extra mile to improve their techniques or learn new ones in order to be better equipped in competitions. The CCA boasts a history of good results. In the National School Games in 2022, the B and C Div Girls' Teams clinched second place in the Table Tennis South B and C Div Girls respectively, and the C Div Boys' Team secured fourth place in the Table Tennis South C Boys. 

The team is very supportive of one another, motivating and challenging each other to strive towards their goals together. In his or her four years at PHS, a table tennis player will have many opportunities to build strong bonds with his or her teammates, cultivate resilience, discipline and humility, and master strong badminton skills with an experienced coach. 

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Keeping their eyes on the ball in a competition


B Div Girls' Team

Table Tennis 5.jpgC Div Girls' Team

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C Div Boys' Team