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National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC)

The National Police Cadet Corps of Presbyterian High School is often lauded for ruggedness, discipline and its rigorous training.

With a wide range of activities, our cadets learn various skills beyond the classroom, such as outdoor adventure and survival skills, as they learn to pitch tents, navigate various terrains on expeditions and attempt high rope courses at Camp Resilience in Pulau Ubin during annual camps. Sharpening their resilience as they step out of their comfort zone, cadets develop a sense of responsibility for their own safety and looking out for others.

Concurrently as the mind and hands are trained, the heart is influenced too, as values education form a main feature of the uniformed organization curriculum. Through undertaking tasks such as Police Youth Ambassador whilst also participating in discussions regarding Total Defence, spearheading and participating in school, Corps as well as National level uniformed parades, cadets have a deeper understanding of security issues and deeper empathy towards peers and various communities.

Not forgetting about what is unique about NPCC, i.e. the insights into police life - cadets get to participate in the shooting of live revolvers and other excursion events under the wings of the Singapore Police Force, deepening their understanding of police work and public service in Singapore, exploring possible career paths while they are at it!

Under the meticulous and relentless guidance and support of Teacher Officers and alumni volunteers, the National Police Cadet Corps of Presbyterian High School continues to train and mentor cadets in their growth as rugged and responsible servant leaders.

Graduating cadet leaders of class of 2019 taking the NPCC Pledge.jpg
The graduating cadet leaders of class of 2019 taking the NPCC Pledge for the last time on the NPCC Passing Out Parade in the 2nd quarter of 2019. Much reminiscence took place on the Parade Square that day as every drill performed was akin to every step of training they went through in their 4 years here. Hopefully, they will be back in various capacities in Presbyterian High School in time to come, to mentor their juniors!

Salute is to signify respect to a figure or symbol of authority.jpg
To salute, is to signify respect to a figure or symbol of authority. To salute on behalf of the squad, is undertaking responsibility, to go the extra mile to represent our charges. Here in PHS NPCC, we do not take parades lightly. On the Parade Square, we do our best to present ourselves as a united, disciplined and rugged Corps.

Volunteers guide juniors to gain technical knowledge.jpg
We are thankful for volunteers who spare no effort in making their way back to PHS in the midst of their busy schedules to guide their juniors on technical knowledge.

Pulau Ubin brefing to consolidate learning and growth of Surival Training Camp.jpg
A night on Pulau Ubin: At the end of a day packed with adventurous activities, the cadets gather for a debrief to consolidate their learning and growth throughout the Survival Training Camp.

School Cadet Representatives at NPCC Annual Parade holding school flag high.jpg
Our school cadet representatives at the NPCC Annual Parade, keeping our school flag flying high!