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Student Development

PHS, my Home. It starts with ME!

The Ministry of Education (MOE) has made daily cleaning compulsory in all schools. Schools in Singapore have now implemented cleaning activities as reported by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to The Straits Times. The aim of this initiative was to help students cultivate good habits for life. Schools were given the flexibility to decide on the nature of these daily activities and the logistics of planning for these activities. 

In PHS, students were armed with rags, disposable gloves and pails to clear and clean the canteen tables during their recesses. To support these students, their form teachers participated in the cleaning. PHS is a second home to many and we spend many hours in school. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep our shared spaces clean as we practice self-respect ourselves, respect for other, respect for our second home and respect for the community.


It is our responsibility to clear our plates and clean the tables after our meal. We respect and help one another.

Healthy Cyberwellness Habits
An ever-increasing number of students are becoming active participants of the global online community. During the morning assembly, Cyberwellness Ambassadors shared about cyber threats and healthy online habits. Before the school holiday started on the last Tuesday of term 4, Cyberwellness Ambassadors reminded students about potential health issues linked to excessive internet use. They emphasised the importance of being responsible digital learners.

Cyberwellness ambassadors are ready to teach their friends about safe online habits.

Education and Career Guidance 
Mr Tan Tse Yong was invited to share his story of failure and success with students. He had failed his General paper at A-Level and could not secure a place in the University. He did not give up, instead to learn from his failures and overcome obstacles. He urged students to stay hungry in the pursuits of their dreams.


His personal mantra was: "Do things to prepare for the future, not the present. Stay humble and keep improving every single day'."

The Unbridled World of Social Media
A speaker from Touch Cyber was invited to share how Social Media had the potential to spread uncontrollably and amplify issues. Through the video, the speaker highlighted how the ease of usage of social media had led to an increasing loss of restraint and how poor choices made during Internet usage could lead to disastrous consequences.


The speaker challenged students to be change-markers and to TOUCH a life.