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Direct School Admission Exercise (2019)

At Presbyterian High School, we firmly believe in the importance of developing every student to his or her fullest potential. It is our mission to provide all our students with opportunities for a balanced broad-based education and all-round development through the school’s holistic programmes.

For the 2019 DSA Exercise, the following programmes will be offered:
  • LLP (Learning for Life Programme – Community Youth Leadership)
  • ALP (Applied Learning Programme – Forensic & Pharmaceutical Science)
  • Sports – Volleyball, Basketball and Table Tennis
  • Uniformed Groups – Boys’ Brigade, Girl’s Brigade, National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC), National Cadet Corps (Sea) (NCC) and National Civil Defence Cadet Corps (NCDCC)
  • Performing Arts – Guzheng and Symphonic Band

All these programmes seek to develop our learners in the various domains – cognitive, affective, social and emotional as well as physical wellness; and importantly to shape and mould character so that our students will be active and concerned citizens who will be able to serve their communities. It is our desire that every PHS graduand will be exemplary in actions, words and deeds; living out the school’s vision of PROMISE-KEEPERS, HOPE-BUILDERS & SERVANT-LEADERS to bless their world always!