Tier 1 Programmes


In our Tier 1 programmes, students carry out a series of investigative activities to learn the basics of forensic science. The activities are infused with elements of scientific inquiry so that they may pick up procedural skills to plan and carry out fair investigations, and validate sound conclusions. These activities also tap on the prior knowledge students acquire through their science and mathematics lessons so that they may apply their learning and appreciate the relevance and value of classroom knowledge.

Several milestones are set in place for students to consolidate and demonstrate their learning e.g. solving new situations presented through case based studies.

Level-wide learning journeys enrich students’ learning by exposing them to other aspects of forensic science.

Students who pass a quiz and attain at least 75% of attendance for ALP lessons will receive the Young Engineer Award (YEA) from Singapore Polytechnic (SP) in recognition of the skills and knowledge they have attained through the ALP. Secondary 1 and 2 students will receive the Bronze and Silver awards, respectively.

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Aim Equipping individuals with scientific inquiry skills and applying these skills through hands-on and minds-on activities in an authentic learning environment in the area of forensic science.
Structure Total of about 13 hours (1h 40min per lesson, 8 lessons)
Sec 1 - Semester 2
Sec 2 - Semester 1
Target Audience All Secondary 1 and 2 students from all streams
Topic Outline
Secondary 1 - Crime Scene Processing Secondary 2 - Car Accident
  1. Fingerprints and Shoeprints
  2. Facial Biometrics
  3. Basic Chemical Analysis
  4. Blood Typing
  5. Handwriting and ink analysis
  6. Basic Electronics using Arduino
  1. Blood Spatter
  2. Fingerprinting
  3. Alcohol Test
  4. Fabric Analysis
  5. DNA
  6. Counterfeit Money
  7. Building a Lie Detector using Arduino

Milestone Objective Students are able to apply their knowledge and skills acquired to solve authentic and open-ended tasks in the area of forensic science. Platforms are provided for students to showcase their solutions.
Beyond School Sec 1 TBC    Learning Journey - Science Centre
Sec 2 May    Learning Journey - Science Centre - Brainfest and DNA La

Students work.png
Collecting footwear evidence
Learning how to use Arduino
Using a breath analyser