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2019 Sec 3 Subject Combination Allocation

For Sec 2 Students in 2018

Please note the following for ALL STUDENTS

Your class in 2019 will be made known a week before the term re-opens via email. 

If you wish to appeal to a different course or appeal for a change in subject, the appeal forms are available from the General Office from 5 November 2018. The hardcopy forms must be submitted to the General Office by 5 pm on 8 November 2018. 

Please remember to attach a copy of your OVERALL results when you submit the Appeals Form.

The results for the appeal will be on 13 November 2018 and it will also be sent to students who appealed via email.

You may email Mr Edmund Choo at edmund.choo@preshigh.edu.sg if you have further queries.

For Normal Academic Students:

If you are offered Express subjects, these subjects will replace the corresponding subject in (Normal Academic). For example, if you are offered Maths (Exp), then Maths (Exp) will replace the Maths (NA) that you see in this email. Additional Maths (NA) if offered to you, will be the 7th subject and so will not be affected by the rest of the subjects.

If you wish to appeal for a change in subject, please use the same appeal forms available from the General Office, but please leave the course portion unfilled.

File Attachment: 2019 Secondary 3 Subject Combination Allocation Options.pdf