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Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

The Applied Learning Programme (ALP) at Presbyterian High School gives students the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills from different disciplines of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) to solve meaningful problems. Through engaging students in investigative science and experiential scientific inquiry, we want to promote our students’ interest in STEM activities, not only during their school years but also throughout their lives.

Anchored on the key features of Scientific Inquiry, we seek to achieve the following through the ALP:
    • engage students in investigative science through creative problem
    • solving provide students with a platform to participate and experience the
    • process of scientific inquiry interest students to explore scientific concepts and make connections with real-life applications
    • develop students’ interest in pursuing a career in a science-related field. 

Starting from 2017, Lower Secondary students will be given the opportunity to explore the world of Forensic and Pharmaceutical Science. Students will be taught how to use the investigative and inquiry approach to understand and learn about the complexity and dynamics of Forensic and Pharmaceutical Science.