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Parent Support Group

ParentHugS – Popcorn Distribution

ParentHugS, as the name suggests, highlights the unconditional love that parents have for their children. It is an on-going project that sees parent volunteers giving out food items to PHS students. For the first ParentHugS of 2016, members of the Parent Support Group (PSG) distributed popcorn to all the students. The popcorn was very well-received by the students!


The students also took the opportunity to thank the members of the PSG for all the effort and time they have put into making the once-a-term ParentHugS initiative a reality. Many PSG members were presented with a colourful card expressing the appreciation felt by the students. The cards certainly brought a smile to the faces of the parents!


"I really enjoy the food the PSG prepares for us," Celine Chng from 4 Devotion said. "It's really nice of them to do it and that's why I always say thank you to them."


Thank you once again, PSG members!