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Secondary 1

Secondary 1: Making of Greeting Cards with Recycled materials

To celebrate Chinese New Year, the Secondary One students were involved in making greeting cards in their classrooms. This time round, the activity was made even more interesting as it involved the use of recycled materials to make the greeting cards.

Students were brimming with enthusiasm during the card making activity as they were also given an opportunity to work on the greeting cards in groups.

“It helped the class to bond with one another when they worked together on the cards,” said Nicole from 1 Compassion.

“Besides having an opportunity to bond as a class by chatting and working on the greeting cards together, the students took the initiative to make greeting cards for both their form teachers as well,” Ms Samantha Wan, Form Teacher of 1 Blessing said.

Besides teamwork and class bonding which were observed, many students appreciated the eco-friendly aspect of this activity. Smiles were seen on their faces at the end of the activity.

Kudos to their efforts!