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Secondary 3

Secondary 3: Ang Mo Kio Heritage and Urban Trail

Secondary Three students had two trails which they had visited in their groups. One of the trails was the Heritage Trail to the Lower Pierce Reservoir and the other was the Urban Trail that encompassed visits to places such as the Ang Mo Kio Hub, Jing Shan Primary School and Al-Muttaqin Mosque.

“The most memorable part of the trip is when we were given an opportunity to walk around Ang Mo Kio Hub to look at the stores and the demographics that cater to specific needs of different age groups,” Dylan Liew from 3 Grace said when asked about the Urban Trail.

A few groups visited the Lower Pierce Reservoir for their trail among which some of them were marvelled by the atmosphere and nature there. They were led to various parts of the nature reserve where the facilitators had done a great job explaining various interesting facts about the rubber trees and even the history of the roads there. The students were also thrilled to see a few monkeys! The visit to Pierce Reservoir allowed students to gain more knowledge of the history of the place.

Maximilian Wong from 3 Endurance added on, “The heritage trail was a very interesting experience for me as it was fun to lead my friends and classmates on the trail.”

A few other groups of students had also experienced an urban trail that gave them more understanding on the history of Jing Shan Primary School and Al-Muttaqin Mosque. The experience of the Urban Trail allowed students to appreciate the historical context of these places which were usually overlooked.

The trails were indeed an enriching experience for the students.