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Secondary 4

Secondary 4 and 5: Blessing the Community

The Lunar New Year has always been the season of festivity and good cheer. This year, our graduating cohort has taken the huge opportunity to spread the love and bless the community. Our Secondary Four and Five students went to the blocks in the vicinity of the school to distribute specially-packed goodie bags to residents from all walks of life. Goodies ranged from delicious biscuits to a pair of mandarin oranges.

The residents were completely unprepared for the surprise that awaited them. Once they received the goodie bags, every single one of them had a smile on their faces. The immense joy of the residents was felt when they saw our students at their doors.

“It was heart-warming to see our students going all way out to offer their help to the elderly. They were enthusiastic about even starting a conversation with the elderly whom they met for the first time,” said Mr Mikail, Form Teacher of 4 Blessing 2.

It was indeed a memorable experience. Seeing the aunties and uncles so happy had certainly put a smile on the faces of students. Through this experience, our students have learnt the value of kindness towards everyone, regardless of who they are.

Job well done Secondary Four and Five students!