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The consistent learner with a heart of service

A conscientious student, Hui Xin did extremely well in the recent 2015 ‘O’ Levels. Hui Xin is a dedicated member of the Girls’ Brigade who has spent much of her time in school contributing to her CCA. She is now attending the Girls’ Brigade Warrant Officer Programme and upon graduation, she will continue to serve Girls’ Brigade as a Warrant Officer. PHS Publications had the chance to catch up with Hui Xin recently, and here are her thoughts:

 1.      Tell us about your choice of tertiary institution and the CCA you wish to pursue.

My choice of tertiary education is Nanyang Junior College. I wish to join the Videography Club in Nanyang Junior College. I also hope to come back to PHS to help out in Girls’ Brigade.

 2.     Do you have any future plans?

My aspiration is to be a gynaecologist so I plan to study medicine in the future. I would also like to serve God through Girls’ Brigade.

 3.     Is there any particular person or group that you would like to thank?

I would like to thank all the teachers who have taught me, my CCA teachers and my friends who have stayed with me through thick and thin. My teachers were very helpful. Despite their busy schedules, they have never rejected my requests for consultations. My friends were a very important part of my life as they were my pillars of support. They have stayed with me throughout my years in PHS and they have never failed to encourage me. Most importantly, I would like to thank God for seeing me through the hard times. He has constantly reminded me of His love and presence and it was His assurance that has tide me through my difficult times in PHS.


4.     You were a member of the Girl’s Brigade. How did you manage to balance your CCA with the                      academic demands of the ‘O’ Levels?

I usually try to finish my work as soon as possible even if it is due the next week because I don’t like my work to pile up. Moreover, finishing my work as soon as possible allows me to have more time to rest, revise and fulfil my other commitments.

 5.     Lastly, do you have any advice for your PHS juniors?

If you are one of those who do last minute studying, do try to change this habit. It is important to plan your time well and ensure consistency in your revision. Studying is a long term thing and achieving good results doesn’t come from last minute studying. Revising your work consistently helps you to refresh your memory and commit the things you have learnt to memory. Planning your time well doesn’t necessarily mean seizing every single opportunity to study. It means to relax and give yourself some time to recharge whenever you’ve had a long day or whenever you feel stressed.

There will be times when you fail and may feel demoralised but please know that these are times that help build your resilience and these are the times when you should learn from your mistakes.

Never feel ashamed to consult your teachers whenever you feel a tinge of uncertainty because they will surely help you clarify your doubts.