Marcus Wong, 4E

“Don’t let the opinions of others define you.  If someone looks down on you, ignore him and push on because one day you will reap the fruits of your labour!” 

– Marcus Wong, 4E , Class of 2016

Originally posted to the Normal (Academic) Course, Marcus did well enough in Secondary One to qualify for a lateral transfer to the Express Stream in Secondary Two. The gap was exceptionally difficult for Marcus but he was encouraged by the care shown by his friends and teachers who patiently explained any concepts or topics he did not understand.

Marcus had to attend extra lessons after school, and even spent his break time to consult with his teachers. As he clarified his doubts, he began to understand his lessons and gradually began to catch up with his peers. Marcus expressed how he would never forget the effort of his teachers who went the extra mile to not only give him academic support, but psychological and emotional support as well.

Another major challenge in Marcus’s school life was managing the responsibilities as a student, a Choir member and a Student Councillor. He had to learn to balance his time well and his maturity soon came to the notice of his CCA teachers who appointed him the Sectional Leader of the Choir. Although this meant more duties, Marcus did not shirk from this task. Another major duty was soon added to his already very full plate. He was appointed Logistics Head of the Student Council. Marcus talks about how his close friends helped him so that he could still have time for revision.

However, all work and no play makes Marcus a dull boy. He joined the National Schools Literature Festival with his friends. As passionate students, they had decided to do it for the experience. Their passion and energy however soon saw them winning an award at the Festival!

When Marcus finally received his ‘O’ Level results, he was overjoyed. He had exceeded his goals and his results were a great improvement from his preliminary examination results. He obtained a place in Yishun Junior College and is working to get a place in the Arts and Social Sciences faculty in the National University of Singapore.