Rachel Bih, 4A

“Your failure does not define who you are. It is an opportunity for you to give yourself a second chance to improve on your weaknesses. As long as you put your heart and mind to the things that you do, success will come your way.” 

– Rachel Bih, 4A, Class of 2016

Dream big, start small. This adage has always kept Rachel going. A student from the Normal (Technical) course, Rachel has big plans for her future; and she is taking small but realistic steps to bring her plan to fruition. This compassionate girl who has a heart to serve others hopes to attain a degree in Nursing. For now, she will be beginning her Nursing course at Institute of Technical Education and hopes to continue to pursue a diploma in Nursing at a local polytechnic. She is also actively seeking out opportunities where she can contribute back to the society. She hopes to volunteer at charitable organisations to serve the needs of the people there. 

Taking on part-time jobs has made Rachel even more disciplined when it comes to managing her time. Being a very committed member of the school’s Symphonic Band, Rachel also spends a lot of time in band practices. When asked about how she manages her time, given all her commitments, she shares: “I discipline myself to complete my assignment on time. I also draw up a timetable and follow it through.

Rachel did not allow her non-academic commitments affect her studies. She shares that it is very important for students to get their priorities right: “I spend time consulting my teachers on my weaker subjects so that I can become better at the subject... I always make sure that I am attentive in class so that I don’t need to waste time after class to revisit content that the teacher has taught in class. When the examinations are nearing, I would stop working for a while so that I would be able to focus on exam preparation.”

Rachel is very grateful towards her teachers who have helped her along the way: “I would like to thank my teachers because they have inspired and motivated me during difficult times when I needed encouragement. They gave me hope to see that I have a bright future that is filled with many great opportunities. They showed me that my failures would not define who I am. Rather, they have taught me that my ability to learn from my failures and my resilience to stand up again after each failure would mould me into a better person. I am truly blessed to have such great teachers.”