Sarah Khoo, 4G

Treasure the time you have, and remember to have fun.  Work as hard as you can and leave the examination room feeling like you’ve done your best, instead of being filled with regrets.  Make good friends who will build you up in all ways.”

– Sarah Khoo, 4G, Class of 2016

When Sarah Khoo first came to Presbyterian High School, she was not the confident young woman that she is today.  Introverted and shy, she struggled to adjust to a new school.  Fortunately, she had a classmate who was from her Primary School and they got on well from the start.  Being a bubbly girl with a positive attitude, it had helped her to gradually make more friends and adjust to secondary school life.

Sarah’s childhood dream was to become a veterinarian.  Since then, she has developed an interest in the media industry.  Although she has not yet come to a concrete decision on what direction she wants to take, she told us how lucky she feels to have supportive parents who believe that she should have the freedom to do what she likes.  She talks about how her parents would stay up with her when she had to work through the night to finish her work and provided her with help whenever she needed it.  They never forced her to attend tuition although they had wanted her to.

A big part of Sarah’s life in PHS was her time in the choir. It gave her the opportunity to pursue her love of singing. More than that, she valued most of all, the friends she made there. Despite the intensive practices, she always felt that the time she spent there felt more like rest which helped to relieve the stress of school life.

As the ‘O’ Levels approached, Sarah made up her mind to make her parents proud by qualifying to get into Saint Andrew’s Junior College. However, she knew that it was not going to be easy to qualify for the cut-off points to gain entry. Her teachers were often impressed by how she took the initiative to read beyond the textbook and was able to ask relevant questions.

Sarah increased her consultations and revisions with teachers and school mates. Revision often stretched late into the night. She was not confident in her ability to perform well academically.  However, her friends and teachers encouraged her to strive and when her results came, all her hard work paid off. She expressed how she almost could not believe her eyes when she received her result slip.  She will always be grateful to her parents, friends and teachers who helped her achieve her goal.