Yi Shing, 4C

A reserved boy who worked his way to success with the support of a close-knit group of friends.


Meet Yi Shing. He is a man of few words who has a heart of gold. His actions often speak louder than his words, literally. Ask anyone in 4C, class of 2016, and all would speak of how helpful, kind and caring Yi Shing is. In fact, helping his friends became a platform for Yi Shing to get to know his classmates better. He would not shy away when his friends need someone to coach them in their studies – Yi Shing always steps forward to help.

As a Sergeant in the Boy’s Brigade, Yi Shing would spend his Saturdays training his juniors on drills and seeing to other training matters. With his optimism and positivity, Yi Shing is a source of motivation for his peers in the Boy’s Brigade. His idea of simply being present on CCA days to help with what needs to be done exemplifies his giving nature. 


When asked about the people whom he would like to thank for his good performance at the GCE ‘N’ Level Examination, he replied in his signature style: “Three groups actually… my parents, my friends and my teachers.”

For this man of few words, the future looks exciting – he will be enrolling in a Social Science course in Nanyang Polytechnic and hopes to be able to contribute back to society when he graduates.

However, when it comes to giving a good piece of advice to his PHS juniors, Yi Shing becomes very generous with his words: “Everyone has a different learning style. Find out the learning style that you are most comfortable with, test it out to see if it helps… and stick to it. It is also very important to review what you have learnt in school regularly and in a consistent manner.  Make good use of your time. Sundays are a good time for me to revise what I have learnt during the week.”