Yu Wei, 4H

Yu Wei was euphoric when he received his results - he did not expect to do well. Yet, it was really no surprise at all for Yu Wei had been a consistent learner. He managed his time well and thus was able to keep up with his homework and revision.

Like most students, Yu Wei spent much time in his Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) which was National Police Cadet Corps. He had to attend training twice a week after school, so he would try to complete as much homework as he possibly could before the start of his CCA. This was to ensure that he would have more time to revise his work at home. Yu Wei wisely took a break and rested for an hour or two before he started his revision.

An area that proved most challenging was Additional Mathematics. It was tough and he was failing in the examinations. The thought of not doing well for the impending ‘O’ levels frightened him. “I forced myself to sit down and complete at least one practice paper a day,” he said. And the effort had paid off. He scored an ‘A2’ for the subject.

With his good results, Yu Wei planned to continue his studies in a Junior College. He was thankful to the teachers who had taught him throughout the four years in Presbyterian High School. He also appreciated the efforts of teachers who had conducted consultation sessions towards the national examinations. And last, but not least, he was thankful to his friends who had made school a lot more enjoyable for him.