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Community and Youth Leadership 2018

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Being of service to another, is a trait that defines the PHS identity.  

Sophia and Kelly were eagerly waiting to donate blood. There was a feeling of excitement and apprehension as it was their first contribution to the blood bank. Together with other students and teachers in the school, these girls had the opportunity to play their part as concerned citizens. This initiative was the culmination of a simple class project. The project allowed the student organisers to publicise the blood drive and to liaise with the Red Cross so that the school community could donate blood.  

Living out its vision of Servant Leadership, PHS adopted Community Youth Leadership (CYL) as its Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP). Starting from Secondary One, PHS students learn how to identify the needs of the community through tools like active listening. They plan and carry out projects to bless the community.     

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Creative ideas to enhance the school is obvious in students’ projects that include painting a mural to brighten the school environment, decorating waste-paper baskets to encourage students to care for the environment, and devising a mosquito repellent as a natural alternative to chemical repellents. These projects reflect the students’ passion and tap on their talents. Students feel pride when they see how the projects they undertake benefit their target audience.   

The school has continued to challenge itself to serve the needs of the community.  In 2017, we held a joint National Day celebration with Chaoyang School - our satellite partner.  Through this interaction, students learn first-hand about inclusiveness and empathy. These are first steps in the school’s journey to grow our ability to serve our community. Exciting projects in the pipeline include PHS students supporting the Chaoyang Reading programme in 2017 and Chaoyang students participating in a Heritage trail in 2018. These projects evolved from simple beginnings but do bless our community.

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