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GLOW - Day 1

Teachers from Acorn Training were invited to the school to teach them how to create a better study environment and how to be a better leader. As the day went by, it became evident that the students were enjoying themselves immensely in the hands of these young, funny teachers. Entertaining icebreakers and games were played and awards were given out for ‘the never say die student’ or ‘the friendliest student’.

After the first few hours of the workshop, it came as no surprise that the students were delighted and impatient to start the second half. They were gathered in the hall to learn about what it meant to be grateful to and respect others, and afterwards were asked to write an appreciation letter to friends and family members, of which everyone took very seriously.

Together, students were seated quietly scribbling down their words of gratitude to their loved ones, which was a touching sight to see. They then customised blank sheets of paper with their styled names, class names and significant quotes, which brought out a lot of creativity in the students. Finally, they were all gathered in the gallery to fly the paper airplanes of which they drew on, which created a wonderful, memorable sight that nobody would forget.