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GLOW - Day 2

GLOW Week – Day 2

For Day 2 of the GLOW Week, the Secondary 4 and 5 students were tasked to build a sandcastle under the theme "2065 Ang Mo Kio Town". 

"I really like this project," Chia Jin Hui of 4 Humility said. "It's really similar to D&T where the human imagination is being brought alive."

The students were asked to draw out a plan of what they thought Ang Mo Kio would look like in fifty years. Despite the obvious challenge many students faced in this stage that stemmed from their lack of experience, the true difficulty lay in building what they had planned out in sand. 

The actual day saw many students slaving away in the hot sun to build what they had thought would have been so easy.

"I really underestimated the difficulty," Celine Chng from 4 Devotion said. "My group had to give up a lot of our plans, such as building a lion statue, when we realised that the idea was not suitable with the material we were working with."

Nonetheless, the students were not discouraged. Many of them continued working in spite of the slight drizzle on the day, only stopping for short water breaks to make sure they were hydrated enough to continue their work. 

By the end of the four-hour sandcastle building workshop, it was not uncommon to see students taking selfies with their finished sand castles with huge, satisfied grins. 

"I feel like we all can take away something from this," said Joycelyn Ong from 4Grace. "When you plan for so long but don't succeed, you don't cry at your failure. You get up and modify that plan. Because only you can make sure that at the end of the day, you can pull through."