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GLOW - Day 3

GLOW Week – Day 3

The Secondary 4 and 5 students started their third day of the GLOW Week at the different educational institutions in Singapore. Lecturers gave our students advice which proved to be very useful and especially important for our students. The students were more informed on the different courses or subjects which the institutions offered. The advising periods granted the students a deeper insight and a more open mind towards choosing the right post-secondary education path. From the experience, the students were encouraged to make their choices based on, not only their strengths and talents, but also, their growing interests and unique aspirations.

Jordan Lee Chin Yih from 4 Devotion said, "I found the visit to SAJC very meaningful as I am now more informed and I feel that they have answered all my queries. I am sure that this will improve my understanding of JC life and this will definitely help me in my decision of whether or not to go to JC. I was able to learn new things and I had fun with my friends!"

Our students then spent the rest of their afternoon at Serangoon Gardens Country Club where they attended a Social and Dining Etiquette Workshop.

The first trainer, Mr Christian Chua gave our students countless tips and techniques on how to present themselves well. The students were taught how to stand, walk and even smile when it comes to giving the best first impression. The students participated actively in Mr Chua's session. His short stories were hilarious, but they helped to teach the students new and exciting lessons which they could take away.

The second trainer, Mr Jarvis Tan enlightened the students on the idea of proper dining etiquette. Which spoon is used for which purpose? How do I place my utensils without the waiter taking away my food even with food on my plate? What should I do before I leave for the washroom? These are some of many questions people ask but do not always get the answers to.

After the two training sessions, the students were ready to face a four-course lunch, specially prepared by the club's talented chefs. From mouth-watering steak to savoury chocolate fudge cakes, our students felt nothing but thankful to be there to taste such food. The dishes tasted as good as how they looked. With the presentation and dining etiquette skills learnt during the training sessions, our students ate like fine ladies and gentlemen. From this experience, our students were one step closer to becoming proper young adults in our society. They took away many valuable lessons and values, including respect and self-responsibility. Indeed, the workshop was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and the students surely enjoyed themselves.

Yeo Hui Wen from 4 Devotion said, "I never had so much fun in a workshop like this! In no way did I feel that I was in a lecture, because the sessions allowed me to participate actively. I especially loved the first speaker, as he made us laugh and he taught us good stuff! I have learnt how to present myself well by walking and smiling the right way!"