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Lifeskills and Enterprise Department: Our Creative Sparks

Achievements in Art

In March this year, students from Secondary 2 and 3 worked in teams to participate in the SYF 2016 Art Exhibition. Five submissions based on the theme of “Artist & Space” were sent. Two Secondary 2 teams’ artworks were selected from hundreds of submission to be displayed at the Arts House in July.

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The first artwork, “-1” explores relationships and space between individuals through a series of photographs and the second artwork, “Tunnel Vision” uses an interactive sculpture that challenges the viewer to question the fleetingness of life through a constricted space. 

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The other three submissions were showcased in the official SYF 2016 Art Exhibition Catalogue. “SG Fusion” artwork by Secondary 3 student, Lim Zi Yi, was selected by Academy of Singapore Teachers to be exhibited at the academy for a year.

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During the September holidays, two teams from our school, a team from Secondary 2 and another from Secondary 3, were selected to represent our school in the annual N.E.Mation competition. Teams needed to pitch creative story ideas about the theme ‘Together We Keep Singapore  Strong’ and present their storyboards to the judges to compete for the chance to make their own animated short film. Our students were selected to be in the Top 100 teams from hundreds of submissions. Both teams made it into the Top 40 and the Secondary2 team made it all the way to the Top 20. The students sacrificed their term break, worked very hard and even though they are not in the Top 10, they learned valuable life lessons and have made the school very proud.

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Achievements in Design and Technology

On 10 September, four Secondary 2 students took part in the Ngee-Ann Polytechnic – Builder and Construction Authority Design Challenge 2016. The students displayed their creativity and innovation in designing a building model for an open gallery space that optimises daylight and integrates green architectural techniques. Their design and model won them the third prize!

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