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Sandcastles for Character Development 2018

What is a day at the beach without building a sandcastle? Gone are those heaped mounds of sand that vaguely resemble a building. Instead, our sec 4 students were provided with the skills to create their own show-stopping sandcastles. But our students were not just there to build sandcastles. This was an exercise in learning valuable life lessons. Plans were drawn up on paper, teams were formed and roles assigned to each member. And when our students headed to the beach, youthful enthusiasm and idealism met reality. Plans were changed, roles were re-assigned, the disengaged became engaged – all united to a common goal. In the few days leading to the March holidays, right after the Common Tests, our Secondary 4 students learned more about themselves, their friends and a little more about life through the humble exercise of building a sandcastle. They will never forget the East Coast Park and we are certain, they will never forget the sandcastle they built, the laughter and the effort they had put in and the values they had learnt. The sandcastles may be gone but the memories remain of having spent their graduating year amidst fun and laughter will live on.